Chmela Fluency Center is a supportive environment where individuals of all ages receive state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment for stuttering and other fluency disorders. Treatment is carefully tailored to each client and family, and may include individual, group, and/or intensive therapy options. Tele-therapy options are available. Chmela Fluency Center’s holistic therapy approach considers current knowledge, research, and evidence and is based upon eleven Basic Principles originally formulated by Dr. Hugo Gregory at Northwestern University. Therapy includes close collaboration between clients, families, and other professionals, and prioritizes positive relationships between all parties.

If you are interested in seeking an evaluation for yourself or your child, please contact us. If we feel we our clinic is not best suited to meet your needs, we will gladly refer you to another one.

Chmela Fluency Center also offers Seminars, Consultations, and Apprenticeships.