Working with School-Age Children Who Stutter: Basic Principle Problem Solving
Become more confident and competent when diagnosing and treating school-age children with fluency disorders with this new manual by Board Certified Specialists in Fluency, Kristin Chmela and June Campbell. Buy the Book >

Focus on Fluency provides practical therapy materials for speech-language pathologists working with school-age children with fluency problems. Demonstration videos of materials used with various clients may be viewed on Super Duper’s Facebook page. Buy the Product

Fluency Flips helps therapists teach school-age children fluency shaping strategies, including Easy Relaxed Approach, Smooth Movements, Continuous Phonation, and Phrasing. In addition, Super Duper offers examples of these modification skills modeled by Kristin on their website as part of this product. Buy the Product

Kristin Chmela is the lead author of Working with School-Age Children Stutter: Dealing Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions, a practical non-profit workbook. Buy the Book