Congratulations Camp Shout Out 2017! We had another great year, with approximately 100 campers, recreational camp staff, volunteers, graduate students, speech-language pathologists, facilitators, and faculty combined. Many thanks to my co-director Julie Raynor and all others who helped make this experience a success for our campers! Congratulations to all of our campers who worked hard, had fun, and continue to Build Communication Skills for Life! We believe in you!

Kristin Chmela



Thank you to the NSSLHA Chapter at Northwestern University and to all who came out to Naf Naf in Evanston to support Camp Shout Out!

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Kristin reflects on the Eleven Basic Principles during her Keynote at Northwestern University.

What an honor to be able to provide the keynote address at Kristin’s alma mater, Northwestern University, for the graduating class of students in the Communicative Sciences and Disorders Program! Mentors June Campbell and Diane Hill, along with personal speech therapist Carolyn Gregory, were among those in the audience. Kristin’s address focused on the importance of a set of Basic Principles, formulated by Dr. Hugo Gregory, Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University, as a way of clinical being as well as a way of living.


Chmela Fluency Center celebrates Natasha Vayner’s one year anniversary at the center!

We are so excited to celebrate Natasha Vayner’s (formerly Natasha Vayner Haftel) one year anniversary at Chmela Fluency Center.

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Become a more confident therapist with Kristin Chmela’s and June Campbell’s book!

Kristin Chmela teamed up with her mentor, colleague, and dear friend June Campbell and published a book recently with Super Duper, Inc., entitled:

Working with School-Age Children Who Stutter: Basic Principle Problem Solving.

This book highlights the critical thinking process applied when evaluating and treating school-age children who stutter or have other fluency disorders. There are many challenges when serving this population, and Kristin and June’s sixty plus years combined clinical expertise highlights the eleven Basic Principles originally discussed by the late Dr. Hugo Gregory, Northwestern University, and applies them to the decision making process while sharing several detailed case studies. In addition, special emphasis is given to evaluating and treating children who stutter in the school setting.

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Congratulations Camp Shout Out for winning the WOOD TV8 award!

It is a great honor for Camp Shout Out to be the recipient of the Wood TV8 Connecting with Community Award! Camp Shout Out Co-Directors Julie Raynor and Kristin Chmela, along with Leader in Training Director Tom Chmela, local campers, family, and friends attended the event at the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In August of 2014, Wood TV8 joined us at Camp Shout Out to film a Public Service Announcement, one of the benefits of winning the award. Both Julie and Kristin were thrilled with the win, noting the publicity will continue to help others understand the condition of stuttering and ways to help children.

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